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Available & the Rat Radio

Every other Tuesday at 18h Rotterdam time, Available & The Rat is live on Rotterdam's WORM Radio (, sharing an alternating Tuesday spot with the podcast On Packing Light.

The radio space is used to further disseminate artists' artistic research practices through interviews, sound works, special guests, music, and otherwise. The radio hosts both artists exhibiting at Available & the Rat, documentation of events held at Available & the Rat, and other projects.

Elke andere dinsdag op 18u Rotterdam-tijd, beschikbaar en de rat is live op de wormradio van Rotterdam ( Het deelt een wekelijkse plek met de podcast On Packing Light.

De radio-ruimte wordt gebruikt om de artistieke onderzoekspraktijken van kunstenaars verder te verspreiden door middel van interviews, geluidswerkzaamheden, speciale gasten, muziek en anderszins. De radio host beide kunstenaars die exposeren op de beschikbare en de rat, documentatie van evenementen die zijn gehouden bij Available & The Rat en andere projecten.


Episode 7: DIFFICULT

On this episode, I play tracks by DIFFICULT, a band of three visual artists Tracy Hanna, Kari Robertson, and Eothen Stern, who were all at one point based in Rotterdam, where the band originated. DIFFICULT is punk, improvisational, joyful, and difficult (my words).

This episode precedes the exhibition drip / fold by Kari Robertson, opening on 26 June and continuing through 25 July 2021.

Episosde 6: Scrap Metal Dream Boy feat. Lendl Barcelos via DomeFM (part 2)

On this episode, I air a short section of Lendl Barcelos' monthly show Anxiety Emoji on DomeFM, the experimental radio station of Bidston Observatory. Then, I continue to read Drew Daniel's essay 'ALL SOUND IS QUEER', originally published in The WIRE in 2011, which I began reading live last episode in the studio at Radio Worm.

This episode coincides with the exhibition Scrap Metal Dream Boy, which ends this weekend, Sunday 13 June 2021.

Episode 5: Dagmar Bosma, P.U.F. (part 1)

On this episode, I air Rotterdam-based artist Dagmar Bosma's sound work 'P.U.F.', a text in process about the 18th century non-binary evangelist The Public Universal Friend, which is part of a larger ongoing investigation into figures of queer history and the written accounts on these figures. This work was originally released by Shimmer Rotterdam as a part of season two of ACROSS THE WAY WITH…, an expanding series of informal readings of, with, and about intimacy in the public domain.

This episode precedes the exhibition Scrap Metal Dream Boy, opening on 22 May 2021 and continuing through 13 June.

Episode 4: Lili Huston-Herterich, Forever Fever

On this episode, I "take over" Available & The Rat Radio as Lili Huston-Herterich and play music to my teenage self who didn't often have the opportunity to publicly play to the music that made her feel like she was going to emotionally explode, although she often dreamt of a moment she could. This is the music I was listening to in the first darkrooms I worked in: in the dark, screaming out loud to myself.

This episode precedes the exhibition Forever Fever at Peach, opening on 7 May 2021 and continuing through 6 June.

Episode 3: Daniel Tuomey, Footnotes to Frankenstein

On this episode, I air Daniel Tuomey's sound work "Footnotes to Frankenstein" (2020), a sound work made before he began producing "Frankenstein", a frame-by-frame animation departing from Mary Shelley's 1818 novel, in lockdown last year. The sound piece generously shares research that informed this work through recitation and a sound scape.

The video work combines drawings, assemblage, and a soundtrack made by the artist, and is currently exhibiting at Available & The Rat until 9 May 2021.

Episode 2: Print & Play Exhibitions

On 30 March 2021 I went live with Marieke van den Belt and Thieu Custers to talk about their project Print&Play Exhibition, of which I was introduced through the artist Ayo, who exhibited at Available & The Rat in the exhibition Unbound Anthologies. This is a long lost recording, as I had to reassemble the first bit of it due to a bit of a technical oversight on my end, but now it is finally public and available for replay! Check out Print&Play at, or on instagram: @printandplayexhibition.

Episode 1: Katrina Niebergal & The Lost Poet

For the first episode of Available & The Rat on Worm Radio, Lili Huston-Herterich speaks with Katrina Niebergal about her sculptural work and research practice. Niebergal's ceramic and plaster sculptures are in the exhibition Unbound Anthologies alongside the work of Ayo.

The exhibition Unbound Anthologies can be viewed here, and Katrina Niebergal's website can be viewed here.