Sharing Programming Knowledge

Workshop, Kit Kuksenok

Saturday 1 April, 16:00
at varia (Gouwstraat 3, Rotterdam)

Available & The Rat and our neighbors varia are very happy to co-present the workshop Sharing Programming Knowledge with Kit Kuksenok.

In this workshop, Kit draws on their research in software engineering education and experience in technical pedagogy to host a space to share experiences of how we navigate programming knowledge. They ask: What are the challenges to effective technical learning or teaching? How can we overcome those barriers, both pedagogically and practically?

This workshop welcomes code-curious people of all levels; when we work with technical systems, we are all learning, all the time. Together, we will reflect on how the way we learn improves our teaching - and how the way we teach improves our learning. It will be held in English.

Kit Kuksenok, PhD, is a computer scientist, sociotechnical systems researcher, multidisciplinary artist, and a friend of Available & The Rat (they shared research space during the 2022 year of School of Commons alongside A&TR organizer Lili Huston-Herterich).